The Tree Conference short film

Explore methods for planting


Creating art in connection with trees

It might not seem like painting trees is a massive solution, but observing their beauty, spending that time to explore your own creative response to them, writing what you perceive are all major gift to […]


Plant the right tree in the right soil

The Forest Commission has created online software that allows you to assess your soil, bring in variables like rainfall, wind and underlying geography across the UK to ensure that you find species that are going […]

Global Projects



Welcome to Sunseed – a community-led educational centre for the transition towards sustainability in Andalusia, Spain. In the beautiful off-grid ecovillage of Los Molinos del Río Aguas, our lively international community works and learns together to develop, […]


Eradicating Ecocide – Polly Higgins

One Law to Protect The Earth – International Roadmap to Earth Protection and Climate Justice Polly Higgins is a pioneer; since stepping down from her legal practice as a court advocate, she  devotes her time […]


Living Forest Declaration – Kawsaksacha

The Kawsak Sacha declaration is universal and proposes a legal recognition of the revindication for territorial rights and Mother Earth, which is necessary and essential for the balance of the planet and the preservation of […]