This conference was a response to the call we are feeling in the Somerset landscape to support trees.  We are so lucky, living near Glastonbury, to be near a community that accepts all sorts of world views and is very willing to embrace the direct relationship with Nature that is our birthright and integrate by exploring the astonishing science coming out in the last ten years.

It was a joy to be able to represent a tiny percentage of what is going on in the British Isles that is to be celebrated, that taps into real understanding of what is needed for future generations and, with hope, can be something this country can share that is nurturing to other landscapes.

The Conference was a one day networking event bringing in:

To get a full sense of the line up go to the programme page.

The Art Exhibition is month long and highlights Artists using artwork to go deeply into narratives around our relationships with trees.

The Projects is a growing database of examples of inspiring ways of working that you can draw from to find out where you fit into this global movement.

We really honour all of the myriad of ways humans relate to trees, forestry, woodwork, instrument making, planting, reforestation, bio-chemical, medicinal and the list goes on.  We will explore more in our methods section.

You are very welcome to contact us and let us know about your experiences and ways of working.  We really are delighted to give a voice to methods that are leading us into a future we can be proud of for the next generations.