Gender Park International

Gender Park International is a woman led audacious reforestation in East Africa mobilising women to reforest and protect local tree species in Uganda
Gender Park International has grown out of one of the TreeSisters Groves – a grassroots project that supports women all around the world to come together to support each other and the earth back into balance.

In its first year the Uganda Grove has been successful in
~Raising, distributing and planting 55,000 saplings
~Introducing thousands of high school girls to the importance reforestation and their role as restorers
~Registering Gender Park as a legal organisation within Uganda
~Creating business opportunities for local women to lift them out of poverty and supported community held venture.


Their two main aims are to:

  • Become the feminine leading champion of reforestation in Uganda and Africa in general.
  • Increase canopy cover – The nation of Uganda’s canopy cover will be 40% by 2040

To meet these aims their objectives are:

  1. 60% of women actively getting involved in the project
  2. Being in position to gain partnership with both local and international line Organizations
  3. Enrolling 100 volunteers annually
  4. Establishing Tree Banks/Distribution Centers in the 4 regions of Uganda

To get in touch with Gender Park International please
~ Email Mariam Nabukeera on
~ Write to c/o PO Box 33704, Kampala, Uganda