The Avalon Community Seed Trust

An active and informed group has come together around to take care of preservation and growing out seeds in the area around Glastonbury.  This is part of a global move towards taking back ownership of seed varieties that can be explored more at the Seed Cooperative and through the global work of our partners the Gaia Foundation.
Here is a message from the Avalon Community Seed Trust team:
On the essential and magnificent subject of seeds, and the guardianship of vital things, of life’s great gift, of vitality itself. Giving what we can to celebrate life through living well with plants and their seeds.
94% of all plant species edible and available to humans 100 years ago, are now extinct. Multinational agrochemical companies are genetically modifying seeds, along with patenting them. There is an imperative for the creation of seed banks.
What is here for us to do? All things grow from seeds, so the answer may be abundant. Of course, the best way to keep seeds and our souls alive is to sow them in rich soil and tend to them. 
The trust has now formed to remember our own culture and magnificence through the growth, harvesting, selection, storage, exchange and stories of seeds (including trees).
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