Creating art in connection with trees

It might not seem like painting trees is a massive solution, but observing their beauty, spending that time to explore your own creative response to them, writing what you perceive are all major gift to your own understanding.

When artist Elyse Pomeranz first went to sit with a tree to connect to it she received a message saying ‘make me beautiful’.  In a sweet and ernest way she went off and made a series of bits of tree jewellery for the tree.  When she came back and duly adorned the tree she received the message that this wasn’t quite what the tree had meant.  The tree had wanted her to paint the imagery that she was receiving while with the tree.

Since then she has travelled the world visiting different ancient trees of all sorts of species and now has a fabulous wealth of watercolours, some of which will be on display at the Red Brick Building for our Art Exhibition, and the rest of which you can view at her website

She is not the only tree lover to have been inspired to create great works.  We have in the UK a long heritage of poets, writers, musicians, mathematicians and scientists who have also been moved by what they perceive in the presence of trees.

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