Neighbourhood Plan – Glastonbury

Put simply, it is a community-led framework for guiding the future development of Glastonbury.   To include development, regeneration and conservation. A neighborhood plan is about the use and development of land, incorporating a vision, aspirations, aims and proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities. It may also deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues, such as housing, employment and heritage. Glastonbury has a number of unique issues to contend including the flood risk zones on the edge of town and the large number of historic sites.

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We’d like to draw special attention to the work the Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan group has done to protect and plant trees in the Glastonbury area from their Trees Subgroup.  They are going through the planning stages.  If what they’ve done is passed in law then it provides a helpful template for other communities to use.  One that has already been approved by the Planning Authorities.

For more information about this way of embedding planting and protection in law at a local level you can also check out the Woodland Trust’s page on it.  It is a really great way of working with your community to support trees.

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