Positive TV

Positive TV reports on what’s breaking through rather than what’s breaking down. From a local and global perspective there is a huge amount happening in the world to excite and inspire viewers however much of this news never gets reported. Positive TV looks to reach across generations and energise us with positivity at a time when we may feel overwhelmed by the negative prognosis for the future of humanity and the planet. Positive TV reports on people and events from around the globe that are helping to create and shape a Positive future at this critical time where we believe we are on the verge of a new renaissance.

In covering all aspects of human activity Positive TV looks to broaden the global conversation and raise questions about the world we live in and what sort of future we want to create.

With a positive agenda you will soon discover how many people, far from being apathetic are actively engaged in the world outside the mainstream party politics.

You’ll find topics ranging from health, food and farming, energy and transport, education and sustainable communities, new economics and design, peace and conflict resolution to the arts, books, films and music.

It’s a great time to be alive because this is the generation that gets to change everything”.
–  Paul Hawken, author}