We are have a core team of collaborators listed below and as a networking event we are also reaching out to work with a variety of volunteers and projects that will be listed in the coming months.

While this conference is mainly about trees, we are also supportive of a variety of methods to enhance carbon sequestration with soil, purify the atmosphere, waterways and oceans, support the o-zone layer’s ability to function and generally look to balance Nature’s natural cycles in harmony with humans and other life forms.

For the purpose of this conference we are focusing on our areas of expertise and the best part we can play, at this current time, is to highlight the growing body of wisdom around working with trees and forests globally.

We would like to see significantly more land given over to planting trees locally and look to support all bodies and individuals to meet this aim.

We fully understand that woodland planting is not always the best use of land and the needs of farm owners, alternative habitats, and other community requirements need to be fully heard and understood.

None the less, bearing in mind UK forest cover is currently at 12% and England’s at 10% we agree with the conclusions of the Read Report that large-scale tree planting is one of our best options for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and supporting the long-term structure and water retention of the soil.

On the day, our panel discussion will focus on which trees to plant bearing in mind current climate change predictions.

Suzi Martineau  – Founder and Conference Organiser

Secondary School Mathematics teacher who loves trees

Lulu Urquhart & Adam Hunt – Founders & Support

Urquhart, Petherick & Hunt Environmental Landscape Consultants

Will Gethin – Press Relations

Conscious Frontiers

Dana Day – Projects Coordinator & Film Production

Positive TV, Emergent Communications

Matt Mellon – Social Media & Writing

Emergent Communications