Speakers 2017

Panel Discussion “Which trees and how?”

Adam Hunt, Landscape Consultant at Urquhart & Hunt will chair a discussion starting off looking at which trees should we plant in the UK that can accommodate predicted climate changes and exploring what strategies the panelists recommend for […]

Speakers 2017

Clare Dubois

 “Reforesting the Tropics, the Feminine & the Restorer Species” Founder of TreeSisters, an international Tree Charity supporting the reforestation of the Tropics and empowering the feminine voice. Clare will be joining us via Skype to be […]

Speakers 2017

Wendy Stephenson

 “How the UK can afford reforestation” Renewable Energy Engineer, CEO of Converging World and Treasurer of the TreeSisters. Wendy will be interviewed by Clare Dubois about her work establishing the first company on the stock […]


Diana Beresford-Kroeger

“Trees to plant in Somerset” ** Click here for details of the trees Diana recommended in her talk ** DIANA BERESFORD-KROEGER, a botanist, medical biochemist and self-defined “renegade scientist,” brings together ethnobotany, horticulture, spirituality and alternative medicine […]

Speakers 2017

Bruce Parry

“The Sentience of Trees” Documentary film maker and explorer Bruce is currently touring the UK with the release of his new film TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest.  After his BBC2 series Tribe he is known […]

Speakers 2017

Dr Alan Rayner

“Understanding Trees & Fungi as Flow-forms” Bath-based evolutionary ecologist, writer, artist, poet, President of the Bath Natural History Society and former president of the British Mycological Society. Since 2000, Dr. Rayner has been pioneering awareness […]