Speakers 2018

Dr Martin Bidartondo

Global Science Update & the Effects of Excess Nitrogen on Soil Fungi & Tree Health 10:10 Martin has been a scientist for over 20 years, first at the University of California at Berkeley, and then […]


Isabella Tree

Wilding, redefining forests and reforestation without planting trees We can’t express what  big deal we think Isabella Tree’s book is and the revolution it spells out between it’s covers.  If any of you haven’t heard […]

Speakers 2018

Mary Reynolds Thompson

Re-storying the Forests What if by giving voice to the trees through poetry and story, we could shift from seeing them as a resource to seeing them as relations? 14:00 What if re-storyation is an […]


Wendy Davis

Andover Trees United: Where every child grows up planting trees Wendy’s slot at the conference the 2018 Tree Conference was in as part of Mary Reynold Thomspon’s talk about the use of creative writing in supporting people to explore their […]


Andy Egan & Teresa Gitonga

International Tree Foundation: UK Citizen-led Planting, Re-imaging the Somerset Levels & their work in Africa 14:45 a brief introduction International Tree Foundation works with communities in Africa and the UK to carry out sustainable community […]

Law & Justice

Peter Macfadyen

The Gaia Foundation Slot 14:55 From Frome to California via Ecuador.  At a certain moment people take power into their own hands and find ways to plant trees.  The tree conference has explored in depth […]


Julian Hight

Reviving the Selwood Forest & citizen-led Wildlife Corridors 14:55 Julian has been working with a group who are looking to revive Selwood Forest that includes land owners, interested parties and the likes of the fabulous […]


Ayana Young

Millennials collect seeds for the whole forest 14:55 Ayana will be joining us via video interview from California. She will be talking about the 1 Million Redwood Project which is a project inspired by Ayana’s […]