Gender Park International

Gender Park International is a woman led audacious reforestation in East Africa mobilising women to reforest and protect local tree species in Uganda Gender Park International has grown out of one of the TreeSisters Groves […]


Isabella Tree

Wilding, redefining forests and reforestation without planting trees We can’t express what  big deal we think Isabella Tree’s book is and the revolution it spells out between it’s covers.  If any of you haven’t heard […]


Plant the right tree in the right soil

The Forest Commission has created online software that allows you to assess your soil, bring in variables like rainfall, wind and underlying geography across the UK to ensure that you find species that are going […]


Identifying tree health issues

Checking out the fungi you see, enjoying how mushrooms are the flowering bodies of different large underground mycelial networks that are providing the trees with vital nutrients and water.  Getting to know the earth around […]