Green Familia – The Tree Conference returns.


TreeConference.illustrationFollowing a very well received preliminary event in Glastonbury last year, The Tree Conferencenow part of the International Tree Foundation, prepares to stage its second annual event at the Merlin Theatre in Frome, Somerset, on Sunday 21 October.

This year’s event will provide templates to facilitate large scale, UK-wide tree planting, explore the status of old growth forests in law, and bring together different groups of people working for trees globally – from foresters, conservationists and scientists to community project pioneers, council policy makers and tree empaths.

Suzi Martineau, Organiser of The Tree Conference, says: “We’re aiming to support a narrative change around what humans are capable of and show what we can and need to be doing to re-green our Earth. We’ll also be highlighting leading-edge science about trees and their eco-systems, and exploring how we can empower the next generation’s scientific and emotional understanding of nature and trees.”

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