Tree to Be Movement

The Tree to Be movement is supported by a group of enthusiastic people who have a heart for nature and experience with forest protection and reforestation worldwide.

Trees Restore Climate

Science shows we can all make 100 times more difference on climate regulation than previously – and in much less time.

An empowering way for each of us to make a real difference in years, not decades has now emerged.

A new scientific understanding of our current situation has crystallised. It was forged by merging two decades of carbon sequestration experience with the latest leading climate science.

By seeing the true role of Earth’s forests as a thermostat for local and global climate, the removal of over 45% of all trees is shown as a root cause of the recent disruption to the three main natural cycles; water, heat and carbon.

Given the extreme imbalance which has resulted in 2 billion hectares of degraded land, by simply replanting trees using well tried methods on three continents, each of us can very easily and quickly help nature into natural regeneration.

“For an environment and climate to remain suitable for human life, it is necessary to restore natural forests on the major part of the land area”

Victor G. Gorshkov and Anastassia M. Makarieva

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