Summary of 2017 with film information

The Tree Conference 2017 event is now passed and we couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome.  Do check out the blog at the Woodland Trust’s website to read a summary of the 2017 Tree Conference.

We have now edited and posted the individual films thanks to AngelFish Films so you can share with your friends and fellow tree supporters.

You can view the following talks:

  • Dr Alan Rayner‘s beautiful exploration of how scientific language can serve us to shift our understanding in Understanding Trees and Fungi as Flowforms.
  • Bruce Parry‘s discussion of his documentary footage of the messages received from trees of the Tribes he was worked with in his new film TAWAI which stunned us all.
  • The lively TreeSisters interview between Clare Dubois and Wendy Stephenson balancing Clare’s passion and Wendy’s ability to bring that passion into action demonstrating what is needed in a team explaining why they’ve managed to be so successful.
  • Exerts from the Panel Discussion where we heard more practical detail of how John Tucker from the Woodland Trust has been working across the country to support tree planting at every level, ideas for more ambitious tree planting targets and Isla Macleod’s elegant exploration of tree sentience.
David Read

We won’t be showing a repeat of Diana Beresford-Kroeger‘s talk because we don’t have permission to do that.  But we will be transcribing the detail around specific tree medicines so you can access this for your reference.

Thank you also to all the affliated events, the Woman’s Circle, Sacred Tree Walk and Despacho and book reading by Tara Joy.

The Art Exhibition has been a fabulous addition to the whole event and we’d like to thank each of the artists for their contributions.

Also, if you watched the event and want to feedback, or have a project you’d like to put up on the website do just email us at or via our contact form.

The 2018 event is focused on Education and will be held at the Merlin Theatre in Frome on Sunday 21st October 2018.