At a time when many trees are being tested by disease they are also being re-energised. Since 2012 there has been an increase in earth energies at every Winter Solstice and at one combined moon event. These energies are strengthening the trees and plants so they can cope with all the pressures that are on the way. This energy is making the trees more resilient to disease and climate changes.

Through my work with them the trees have confirmed that they are all inter-connected. It is not only through the network of roots and fungi which act like fibre optics but also through what I can only describe as bands and bubbles of water-based energy.

Every living being has an energy field or aura surrounding it.

Currently the ash trees are all telling me that 5% of ash trees on the British mainland will succumb to the disease. These will tend to be the young ash trees which were imported along with those which have been badly planted or damaged. Also some mature trees which are already weakened by disease or old age will die.

All the affected young trees (saplings) should be removed but the mature trees should be left as they may well stand a good chance of recovery.

Since the outbreak of ash dieback disease I have been keeping a regular check on its progress. At first the amount of trees that would succumb to the disease was 12% and all the trees would show signs of the disease. The increasing power of the new energies has changed all that.

How can we help? The most direct way is to visit and spend time with the trees.

Eight years ago just after the trees had made the deep connection with me I created an installation in a wood here on the Blackdown Hills. Through a series of waymarkers I drew visitors down to a pair of large beech trees totally swamped by the pine plantation. I continually checked the energy fields around the beeches and during the period of a fortnight their energy levels had increased threefold.

We have a unique connection to trees that we have lost over time. However, during the last year trees which have a strong connection to individuals or communities have been re-energised. We now need to visit as many trees as possible. Start with your favourite trees and then concentrate on trees that you think may need some help.

By spending time in each others company we will start to renew our beneficial relationship and in the process strengthen ourselves.

Gordon Field Artist and Tree Dowser October 2017