Orchards in Avalon

There are 2741 traditional orchards in Somerset covering an area of 1687.8 hectares. Traditional orchards are groups of fruit and nut trees planted on vigorous rootstocks at low densities in permanent grassland managed in a […]


Bon Leverson & Detoxifying Fungi

Bon Everson is the Community Gardener at The Red Building who works and guides her team of volunteers, they also tends the flower beds outside the Red Brick as well as the Mill Stream Garden […]


Working with the Neighbourhood Plan

Glastonbury Town’s  Neighbourhood Plan Working with the local town council’s Neighbourhood Plan is a fantastic example of a way of working with your local community, consulting multiple stakeholders on strategy and wording policy for future projects […]


Glastonbury – Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth has a national body that is a members led organisation to supports local groups to highlight issues.  In Glastonbury the local group is active on supporting the community to make gardens, streets and […]