The Suffolk Wildlife Trust

The Suffolk Wildlife Trust is a fantastic charity which is devoted to maintaining and protecting the county’s overall biodiversity (native species of fauna and flora) within its ecosystems.  What makes the trust so admirable is […]


Trees For Somerset Policy and Action Conference

Tickets on sale for our Trees For Somerset Policy and Action Conference. Nov 7th, Compton Dundon Village Hall. Tickets are now available for our one day event  – Trees For Somerset Policy and Action Conference – It […]


Wendy Davis

Andover Trees United: Where every child grows up planting trees Wendy’s slot at the conference the 2018 Tree Conference was in as part of Mary Reynold Thomspon’s talk about the use of creative writing in supporting people to explore their […]


Julian Hight

Reviving the Selwood Forest & citizen-led Wildlife Corridors 14:55 Julian has been working with a group who are looking to revive Selwood Forest that includes land owners, interested parties and the likes of the fabulous […]


Neighbourhood Plan – Glastonbury

Glastonbury Town Council has the opportunity to engage with the residents, retailers and business owners on how our town will continue to develop and grow. Put simply, it is a community-led framework for guiding the future […]


The Avalon Community Seed Trust

An active and informed group has come together around to take care of preservation and growing out seeds in the area around Glastonbury.  This is part of a global move towards taking back ownership of seed […]


Trees to Plant in Somerset

From Diane Beresford-Kroeger’s talk ‘Which trees to plant in Somerset and why’   We have included a list of the tree species that Diana referring to in her talk at the 2017 Tree Conference below: Native Trees to Somerset, […]


The Forest Garden

At The Forest Garden, we help organic gardeners and land owners build a low-maintenance, sustainable area for growing natural food produce. Our nursery is home to a variety of top fruit trees, including Cornish apple trees, Asian […]


Feed Avalon

Feed Avalon is a social enterprise dedicated to developing food systems that are socially and economically empowering in order to build food resilience in Glastonbury, Street and the surrounding areas. We are a workers cooperative, […]


Reviving Selwood Forest

Reviving Selwood Forest From the Saxon Sealhwudu or ‘Sallow Wood’ (from the Willow that proliferated in its marshy vales and in some areas still does) – stretched from Bruton in the west to Warminster in […]


Avalon Permaculture Gardens

“Transforming the way we live together on Earth” Avalon Permaculture Gardens is a 5 acre permaculture small-holding with wonderful views of Avalon.   To find out more visit:


Paddington Farm Trust

Paddington Farm is a charitable trust and a social enterprise, located on a 43 acre organic farm situated at the foot of the famous Glastonbury Tor in Somerset. As well as being a working farm the […]


The Cherry Wood Project

Teaching green woodwork, bushcraft and a variety of coppice skills, Cherry Wood is a 40 acre sustainably managed woodland situated in a sheltered valley branching from St. Catherine’s Valley, five miles to the north east of the City of […]


Glastonbury Conservation Society

The Glastonbury Conservation Society was founded in 1971 in appreciation of our built and natural environment in Glastonbury, Somerset. Planting Volunteers are always welcome. The society has so far planted 48,500 trees in and around Glastonbury. To […]


Charles Dowding – No Dig Organic Gardening

Charles is an acclaimed innovator of no dig, organic growing since 1983, and since 2003 of new ways to crop salad leaves. His original, weed free methods give superb results in both small and large areas. […]


Reimagining The Levels

Reimagining the Levels are a group of people active in a range of community based organisations and businesses on the Somerset Levels and its catchment. They are actively engaged in promoting a joined up approach to the […]


The Somerset Rural Life Museum

The Somerset Rural Life Museum reopened on Saturday 3rd June following a major 2.4 million redevelopment.  The museum tells the story of Somerset’s rich and rural social history using agricultural, social history and fine art […]


Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey is a registered charity – Number 1129263 – and a company limited by guarantee with visitor income and donations the only source of income. In 1907 the ruins and neighbouring Abbey House were […]


Wildlife Corridors

Identifying areas where private gardens, wildlife reserves and farming land can all link up is something we each can do by checking out the Wildlife Trust’s Local Living Wildlife maps. Working with your local town […]