Avalon Grove Women’s circle

Wednesday 1st November 12-3pm

Linking in with the Tree Conference as a fringe event and the TreeSisters charity this circle will be held in a beautiful woodland on the slopes of Glastonbury’s sacred Tor.

Circling together we will begin the journey learning from the wisdom of the forest and the mother trees that sustain the forest through their roots.

During this time of need to become a Restorer Species once again and the rise of the divine feminine, we will be in a safe sacred space to open up to our innate wisdom as women to come together as a community and dream with the land and the trees as they support us to open to become the ‘mother trees’ of our community once again.

With indigenous wisdom and the forest supporting us we can begin dreaming the truth of the land and learning how we can support Mother Earth on her healing journey, healing the broken human ecosystem and restoring the natural landscape.

Wednesday 1st Nov 12noon until 3pm and contributions welcomed by donation.

Contact Hannah for more information.

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