Trees to Plant in Somerset

From Diane Beresford-Kroeger’s talk ‘Which trees to plant in Somerset and why’  

We have included a list of the tree species that Diana referring to in her talk at the 2017 Tree Conference below:

Native Trees to Somerset, England              

1  Quercus petraea, called the Sessile or Duromast Oak

2  Quercus robur, called the common oak or the English Oak & all “named” oaks

3  Fagus sylvatica, called the Common Beech

4  Juglans regia, foreign, the Common Walnut

5   Acer campestre, called the Field Maple

6  Fraxinus excelsior, called the Common Ash

7  Alnus glutinosa, Common Alder

8   Ulmus glabra, called the Wych Elm

9   Crateagus monogyna, caled the Common Hawthorn

10   Taxus baccata, the Common Yew

11    Ilex aquifolium, the Common Holly

12   Pinus sylvatica, the Scots Pine

13   Sorbus aucuparia, the Rowan

14   Tilia cordata, the Small Leafed Lime

15   Carpinus betulus, called the Common Hornbeam

16   Betula pendula, the Common Silver Birch

17    Populus tremula, the Aspen

18   Salix species & salix alba, called the White Willow

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