The Forest Garden

At The Forest Garden, we help organic gardeners and land owners build a low-maintenance, sustainable area for growing natural food produce.

Our nursery is home to a variety of top fruit trees, including Cornish apple trees, Asian pear trees and cherry trees. We also grow nut treesshrubsherbsperennial plants and vegetables to sell to gardeners. Most of the gardeners we work with aim to become biologically sustainable from yielding a number of different edible products.

Situated near Falmouth, we specialise in growing and selling perennial plants to gardeners and land owners online, which can be re-planted and intermixed with other forest garden products. By making use of companion planting, forest gardeners will be able to grow edible plants in a succession of layers from the tops of the trees down to the ground and to the roots underneath.

We offer a friendly consultancy and design service to gardeners who are looking to start their own forest garden at home. We can help you organise and position your plant species based on their requirements, such as shelter, light, moisture and pollination, so you can successfully cultivate your own edible landscape.

Gardeners and land owners can also join us on one of our many forest gardening courses in Falmouth, learning about the different types of perennial plants and layering systems from forest garden edible landscape designer Simon Miles.

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