Clare Dubois

 “Reforesting the Tropics, the Feminine & the Restorer Species”

Founder of TreeSisters, an international Tree Charity supporting the reforestation of the Tropics and empowering the feminine voice.

Clare will be joining us via Skype to be interviewed by Wendy Stepehenson about the work of TreeSisters on the ground with projects in India, Africa and South America and the Tree Sisters unique method of working with their female supporters and why they have been so successful.

You can find out more about the TreeSisters strategy for working in the Tropics and also delve into some of their online offerings from their Femiversity.

After having garnered thousands of women to support planting trees via monthly donations they have reached the one million tree mark and on October 31st launch their most ambitious project yet called the Billion Trees Campaign which includes at it’s core the call for humans to re-brand themselves as a Restorer Species.

TreeSisters also has an amazing community of women all around the world who support each other via facebook pages and are supported by a series of online offerings including talks, meditations and online courses.  These all serve to help women to give themselves permission to access the wisdom that is coming through their bodies at this time about what the needs are of the Earth and the generations to come.

Clare has founded this charity with enormous support from her team after a pivotal experience which you can here her talk about in this You Tube video.  After receiving a clear and loud message from the trees she has gone on to empower herself and countless others to stand up for what they believe in.

We are very proud that she is going to join us at the Tree Conference and the organisers owe her whole network a great debt for the support we have received from their work.

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