Focusing on the Tropics for Carbon Sequestration

There is a significant movement to focus on the area’s between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer as the equatorial belt where trees planted sequester significantly more carbon.

Projects in these areas almost universally are also working to support the local communities to reduce soil degradation, desertification, river and water loss and enable planting to create food sources, agricultural resilience and enhance community knowledge.

The Tree Conference is already highlighting the work of the TreeSisters in the way they channel funds to charities in India (Project Green Hands), Madagascar, North Africa (Green Belt Movement and the International Tree Foundation) and in the northern parts of South America particularly throughout the Amazon.

We know that quelling the astonishing rate of deforestation due to european demands for bio-fuels and palm oil is creating devastating loss as well.  Supporting organisations working in the complicated realms of halting this including Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace, Amazon Watch and Survival International often include supporting the rights of the indigenous tribes that have long been guardians for 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

Then so are the ambitious projects such as the African Green Wall, re-greening deserts like Auroville in India and the large scale work in the Gobi desert by the Chinese highlight a sea-change in attitudes.  Again it is individuals acting passionately to seed and lead monumental change to the Earth’s ability to re-balance the atmospheric gases now having such epic effects on ocean acidification.

You can find out which ones resonate with you and make contributing towards the air we breath something you do monthly.

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