Planting along waterways in support of the Oceans

One our The Tree Conference’s speakers, Diana Beresford-Kroeger has told us if there was one main aim of her message to do with reforestation it would be to support the oceans by what we do on land.

We know that there are seemingly insurmountable problems with plastic waste at sea and even through the world’s drinking water supplies.  Also the carbon sequestered by the oceans is changing the ph balance dramatically creating an acidification that seriously threatens our world wide fish stocks particularly because more acid oceans mean crustations can’t form their calcium shells.  There are already 405 deadzones in the worlds oceans from this and excessive nutrient pollution.

What if we were to change our approach to everything we do to remember what we do on land is our gift to our oceans?

Supporting the growth of any of the many Willow varieties along streams, rivers and reams means that the water soluble compounds of Salicylic Acid can be released into the waterways from the trees bark and medicate them for all the life living in them.

The mulch that is created on the forest floor creates iron (?) in the form that is safely accessible by plankton leading to an adage in Japan that if you want heathy fish stocks, plant trees.  Diana has calculated that if we each plant one tree a year until asdfasdf we can sequester enough carbon to buy us enough time to work out what to do next!

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