The Common Ground

Common Ground is charity based in Dorset, which has been at the forefront of community conservation and environmental education in England for the last thirty years. We are not a think tank or political pressure group. […]


8 Shields

The 8 Shields is a global movement worldwide that utilizes a finely tuned, tried and true mentoring model that has proven to create healthy and vibrant natural leaders, and nature-based intergenerational mentoring communities around the […]


Forest Declaration

Protecting the World’s Forests: Are We on Track? 2018 Progress Assessment of the New York Declaration on Forests Just launched – Assessments of Goals 1-9 Stay tuned – Focus assessment report on forest governance (Goal […]


Trees For Somerset Policy and Action Conference

Tickets on sale for our Trees For Somerset Policy and Action Conference. Nov 7th, Compton Dundon Village Hall. Tickets are now available for our one day event  – Trees For Somerset Policy and Action Conference – It […]


Mount Kenya Trust

Twinning Forests with Mount Kenya Mount Kenya is the source for freshwater for more than seven million people, it houses many ecosystems such as forests, grasslands, drylands, rivers and wetlands, and is home to unique […]

Law & Justice


We use the law to shift the balance in favour of the public good. This approach is innovative, bold and a game-changer in the global fight to protect the environment. We take governments to court […]


Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

“The Great Bear Rainforest is a global treasure. All British Columbians have a stake in protecting it.” – Premier Christy Clark.  In February 2016, the Government of B.C., First Nations, environmental groups, and forest industry representatives […]


The Tree Foundation

TREE Foundation pursues and promotes research, education, and exploration to advance the conservation of our planet’s botanical resources and ecosystems dependent upon them.


Forest Facts – The Tree Foundation

Half of the forests that originally covered 48 percent of the Earth’s land surface are gone. Only one-fifth of the Earth’s original forests remain pristine and undisturbed. In North America, more than half of the […]


Plant Trees – Woodland Trust

Whatever you want to plant, whether it’s one tree in your garden or a whole wood, we can help. Every sapling that we provide is UK sourced and grown to minimise the risk of importing […]


Chris Packham – Peoples Manifesto

A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife THIS MANIFESTO . . . Was conceived to publish a set of informed ideas from a parliament of strong, independent voices. Ideas which, if implemented today, would make a huge […]


International Tree Foundation – Fruitful Communities

Fruit-full Communities aims to address some of society’s toughest challenges. Working with young people living in YMCA Housing Schemes, Supported Lodgings and/or attending YMCA Youth Groups, Fruit-full Communities aims to tackle a lack of social cohesion, […]


Royal Forestry Society – Learning

RFS Education and Learning Resources The RFS delivers a wide-ranging education and learning programme. We make many of our resources available to assist others who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of trees, woodlands […]


FSC – Forests for All Forever

SCHOOLS AND GROUPS Teach and learn about the importance of responsible forestry We are keen to support schools and groups in promoting the importance of the world’s forests and the role of FSC. In this […]


Forest School Association

The Forest School Association is the professional body and UK wide voice for Forest School, promoting best practice, cohesion and ‘quality Forest School for All’   To find out more visit:


Forests for the Future

Forests for the Future is designed for upper Primary learners 10 –12 years, in England and Scotland, to explore the local and global issues surrounding climate change and sustainable development. There is  a focus on the […]


Observatree – Monitoring Tree Health

What are we going to do? Our aim is to protect the UK’s trees, woods and forests from new pests and diseases – either arriving or spreading across the country. The earlier these are spotted, […]