Working with small holdings and local orchards

Humans mostly to have the potential to be great gardeners, sometimes just by leaving things alone! Creative planting of fruit and nut trees, in the form of local orchards can become a vital communities source of […]


Focusing on the Tropics for Carbon Sequestration

There is a significant movement to focus on the area’s between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer as the equatorial belt where trees planted sequester significantly more carbon. Projects in these areas almost universally are […]


Supporting UK wide Organisations

There are a number of environmental groups working towards large scale planting in the UK already.  This might be for forest cover itself like The Woodland Trust, the Royal Forestry Society, The Forestry Commission not […]

Local to Somerset

Wildlife Corridors

Identifying areas where private gardens, wildlife reserves and farming land can all link up is something we each can do by checking out the Wildlife Trust’s Local Living Wildlife maps. Working with your local town […]

Local to Somerset

Creating a Tree Guardians Map

If you decide to receive trees via The Woodland Trusts tree provision schemes or because you are supporting local tree planting one of the main things you then need to do is ensure that the […]

Local to Somerset

Neighbourhood Plan – Glastonbury

Glastonbury Town Council has the opportunity to engage with the residents, retailers and business owners on how our town will continue to develop and grow. Put simply, it is a community-led framework for guiding the future […]

Local to Somerset

Working with the Neighbourhood Plan

Glastonbury Town’s  Neighbourhood Plan Working with the local town council’s Neighbourhood Plan is a fantastic example of a way of working with your local community, consulting multiple stakeholders on strategy and wording policy for future projects […]