2018 Conference

We are delighted to see everyone for this year’s Tree Conference at the Merlin Theatre in Frome.  Frome has this amazing buzz at the moment, with the work of the Independent Town Council, the Steiner Academy and a flush of people drawn to it as a rural town.

It has a past of textiles so it feels like a fine place this year to weave together the projects, ideas, policies and people that the Tree Conference Network is becoming for this one day event.

The line up of Speakers for this year’s event is exciting including Isabella Tree talking about her experience of reforesting without planting any trees and interviews with international Forest Defenders by Peter Macfadyen.

This year’s event has again been supported by The Little Charity and the ticket prices are subsidised.  It really matters to us that people involved in tree planting or education projects can afford to attend.

We feel quietly confident that tickets will sell out so please do make sure you buy your ticket to avoid disappointment.

If you want to get a sense of last year’s event check that out from the navigation or read our blog with the Woodland Trust.

Please do explore our Partnerships to understand better the fabulous work they do and get a sense of what this Tree Conference Network is growing into.  Also have a look around the Project pages.

The Tree Conference Network Aims

This site is designed to be a porthol through which you can explore the mass of different tree related projects, pick a template that inspires you and apply that in your local area.

We are looking to support large-scale re-greening in order to re-balance the atmosphere and because trees and habitat relevant plants are the homes of the beings we share the earth with.

Trees and forests are also very cool in what they are able to do and we look to champion those skills and contributions at every level.

Therefore we would like to bring about the halt of destruction of all old growth forest. We up for moving into a positive forestry relationship that explores the Principle of Reciprocity and is able to acknowledge the ramifications of sentience of the forest.

It’s also a motivation to draw carbon down to stop the Ocean’s absorbing it all because we are aware of the effects of acidification and warming. We want to see life in the Ocean’s was able to continue long term.

All that does mean you and everyone getting involved in what ever way suits them.  We want to support you in what ever way we can.

Do get in contact if you would like to get involved in the Tree Conference or Network, be listed in the Programme, sponsor or fund an aspect of the Network or if there is anything we can do to help.