Exhibition up now until Sunday 19th November

We are very proud to be working with the Red Brick Building to house this exhibition.  Each artist has been chosen for the depth of how their work connects us to trees. The artists contributing to this exhibition are:

Gordon Field  

Local Artist and Tree-Dowser will be joining us for a tree planting during the lunch break.  He has a wealth of wisdom to share about his experiences with trees that are symbolised in his artworks.


Elyse Pomeranz

Elyse has visited trees of all varieties from all over the world.  She sits with them and paints what the tree shows her.  These water colours give us a glimpse of what trees are telling us.


Sophie Baker

Sophie’s oil paintings, lithographs and linocuts show beautifully how the artist’s view illustrates a creative dialogue about what is going on in our relationship with the woodlands.


Olivia Clifton-Bligh

Olivia is a sculptor working in bronze, paper and clay and a printmaker specialising in linocut and woodcut techniques. Her work explores the rich metaphorical language of oral narrative traditions with this series inspired by ‘The White Goddess’.


Dr Alan Rayner

Alan is one of our key note speakers and also has used painting as a method for keeping his scientific work in tune with his creativity.  Hence this remarkable series of paintings illustrating some of the core themes of his work.


V Martineau

V has helped us with the beautiful drawings that are our logo and on flyers.  She is extremely talented at creating scientifically accurate and artistically beautiful illustrations.


Dickon O’Hagan

Dicken is a local artist who’s sculptured books bring the narrative of stories to life.  We are very pleased he will be joining us with some very special pieces.


Ramona Belcher

Ramona is a local artist who’s work is exploring how we access natural landscapes, what they mean to us and how they change over time.


Tara Joy

Tara has co-founded the organisation Active Remedy to safeguard the global water cycle by protecting and restoring the forests that keep this cycle working.  Her paintings are from her children’s book ‘The Inner Sense of Trees’.


We would also like to give full credit to all the designers and photographer who have contributed towards our artwork and press releases.

These include:

Tim Moore – Advert & Art Exhibition Flyer Design

Jenny NcNally – Flyer & Banner Design

Paul Hoare – Website Design & Content Research

Joolz Barker – Film Production

Kip Loades – Photography

Joseph Hunwick – Photography

Dave Watts – Photography

and this superb bit of illustration from Tom Morgan-Jones