The most recent Tree Conference was online in 2020
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Author of twelve books exploring ways to deepen our relationship with the Earth, working with native plants and trees.

This lively discussion explored how we can work with trees to root deeply into the Earth, and also resource ourselves when confined away from green spaces. The interview also looked at our relationships with different native tree species and at what ecosystems need to ensure trees can be root well. Do land-care choices that support the deep rooting of trees, shrubs and grasses indicate how to manage landscapes for the future?

Biologist and author of Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures
Merlin has been breaking new ground with his research into fungi, the wood-wide web and perspective of looking at the world from a fungal point of view. His new book Entangled Life, was published on 12 May bringing mind-blowing research and a radical vision of the future.

*Q&A with John Tucker*
An ensuing Q&A session with Suzi, Glennie and Merlin, included John Tucker from the Woodland Trust to answer any questions you may have about trees.


Credit Jack Landenburg

*Plus music from singer-songwriter Martha Tilston*

The Tree Conference’s aims are:

1) Halting the destruction of old growth forests and protecting the health of existing trees.

2) Promoting citizen-led reforestation and ecosystem restoration globally.

3) Lifting up the amazing properties of tree ecosystems in education, the media and in various communications to the general public.
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