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Venue: Babbage Lecture Theatre, Cambridge, UK
Date: Saturday, 2nd May, 2020
Time: 9 for a prompt 9.30am start due to filming – 5.30pm finish

World-class speakers, front line science and pioneering tree care projects that put trees centre stage.  Founded by TreeSister Suzi Martineau and run in conjunction with the educational outreach program of

We hold focus on how to unite people around the needs of trees as a road map to healthy ecosystem in cities and rural areas. There will be something for everyone and the chance to explore new and really timely projects.  This year TreeSisters are delighted to be supporting people to set up Tree Conferences in their own countries as something we can do to give a voice to the very specific needs in different bio-zones.

Speakers and topics include:

Clare Dubois ~ Founder of TreeSisters & Glennie Kindred Author of Walking with Trees on What does the next generation to know about trees & cycles?

Alan Watson Featherstone ~ Founder of Trees for Life reforesting the Caledonian Forest of Scotland on How do we restore the earth and support citizen-led reforestation?

Dr David Ellison ~ Author of Trees, Forests & Water: Cool Insights for a Hot World explains what we know about the relationship between trees and the global weather systems.

Jojo Mehta ~ Lead Lawyer representing the Ecocide amendment in International Criminal Law and Yulia Strange Head Forest Programs at Client Earth (t.b.c.) What are the legal strategies for halting deforestation and protecting ancient forests?

John Tucker ~ Director of Woodland Creation for the Woodland Trust and speakers from the day for a panel discussion with questions from the audience

Brief speakers slots for local groups and our partners to share stories of the inspirational work they do and lead into Networking Time.

Buy Tickets for Tree Conference 2020